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Monday, May 16, 2011


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dr abdulaziz alenazi

I think these recommendation will not last long , because of
the adverse effects they talking about are not of that significant when we compare it with the huge mild GDM cases we going to have in addition to the women anxiety and their trust of the medical care givers and of-course the cost effectiveness of this protocol specially in poor countries where the prevalence of diabetes already high .

dr abdulaziz alenazi

I wounder how come these recommendation have been released from IADPSG and HAPO study and approved by ADA without looking to false positive GDM women we going to have and they announced that there is no harm following the new recommendations!!!!

dr abdulaziz alenazi

believe it or not
in my ante natal clinic last week 5 patients out of 10 their FBS was 5.1 (GDM)!!!!!