Everything you need to know for a smooth and stress-free pregnancy

Pregnancy Lab tells you everything you need to know for a smooth and stress-free pregnancy

So, you’re probably wondering who’s behind Pregnancy Lab… and why you should trust me with something as important as your pregnancy journey.

I get it! Because that was me some years ago. I was expecting my first child — at a time when I never expected to get pregnant — and found myself trying to figure out what I needed to learn.

I was uncertain and scared — am I doing this right? Will I be a good mom? — so I did what any rational pregnant person would do. I bought a jumbo size tub of triple chocolate ice cream and cried into a pillow while watching Bad Moms… five times over.

Then, I realized that ice cream probably won’t help my baby — at least not until he’d be born — and so I switched to devouring something that would. Information. Lots of it! I became a mean ice-cream-eating research machine, devoured every pregnancy-related book and podcast out there, and talked to every health or pregnancy expert I met. 

I wrote down everything I learned down so I could make sense of it all and remember it better. My friends noticed and started asking me to share my knowledge with them, so I uploaded it into a private drive. 

And then I realized — why not open this up to everyone, and invite experts to contribute their insights and expertise too?

And that’s how Pregnancy Lab was born, symbolically right around the same time as my second child… and has grown into a wonderful dedicated team I consider my second family. 

This is your hub for everything you need on your pregnancy journey — whether you’re just planning it, currently expecting, or have just welcomed your little bundle of joy. 


What you’ll find on Pregnancy Lab

Pregnancy Lab is built around one simple mission: to demystify pregnancy and provide accessible, reliable, and compassionate support to expectant parents.

To do that, we offer a rich array of resources tailored to meet your needs, including:

  • Informative Articles: Get valuable tips on every topic you can imagine, from early pregnancy symptoms to postpartum recovery.
  • Expert Advice: Gain insights from our interviews with obstetricians, midwives, nutritionists, and experienced parents.
  • Wellness Tips: Learn about prenatal nutrition, exercise, and mental health to keep both you and your baby healthy.
  • Checklists and Planners: Stay organized and prepared with our pregnancy checklists and planners.
  • Community Support: Connect with a global community of expectant parents sharing their experiences and advice.


Our Vision

Pregnancy can be as challenging as it is exhilarating, filled with questions, changes, and choices. That’s why my team and I are dedicated to providing resources that are not only informative but also reassuring and inspiring, tailored to meet you wherever you are in your pregnancy journey.

I aim to make the challenges lighter, and the joys greater, so you can enjoy the full magic and meaning of this beautiful period.

How Pregnancy Lab Works

At Pregnancy Lab, my team and I believe that knowledge about pregnancy should be as comforting and accessible as the care of a trusted healthcare provider. We aim to transform every piece of information into an opportunity for learning, connection, and reassurance.

Our content ranges from detailed guides on pregnancy stages to personal stories that resonate with the joys and challenges of expectant parenthood. Central to our approach are three key pillars:

  • Health and Science: Grounded in the latest medical research and guidelines, providing you with reliable and actionable information.
  • Emotional Well-being: Supporting the emotional and mental health aspects of pregnancy, recognizing their profound impact on both parents and baby.
  • Community and Support: Building a strong, supportive community where experiences are shared, questions are answered, and friendships are formed.


Our Community

Pregnancy Lab invites you to join our vibrant community of expectant parents, new parents, and healthcare professionals. Whether you’re seeking advice, sharing your journey, or looking for companionship during this transformative time, our platform is a welcoming space for all.

Together, we celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, embrace its challenges, and support one another every step of the way. 

DISCLAIMER: Not Medical Advice: This is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, medical advice. Nothing on this website should be understood as a recommendation that you should not consult with a medical professional to address your particular information. Pregnancy Lab expressly recommends that you seek advice from a medical professional prior to taking any actions. Pregnancy Lab shall not be held liable or responsible for any errors or omissions on this website or for any damage you may suffer as a result of failing to seek competent medical advice from a licensed professional who is familiar with your situation.